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Krista Ledbetter comes from a newspaper reporting background. Several years, tweets, and a career shift later, she keeps busy as an associate manager of public relations for TDS Telecom, and represents their cable markets. You're most likely to find her on Twitter, running around Madison, Wisconsin or on the couch--hers or otherwise.
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Information about Fox contract negotiations

We wanted to let you know contract negotiations are underway with the Fox Broadcasting Company to continue TDS’ broadcast of its network of channels. These include: Fox News, Fox Sports 1, FX, National Geographic, the Big 10 Network, and others. TDS’ existing contract with Fox expires on Dec. 31, 2016.
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Walking Dead rises again October 23

In case you don't recall (in painstaking detail that's kept you awake at night), we were left in April with Negan giving a gruesome and fatal blow to the head of one of Walking Dead's cast of characters. We weren't shown who...but hopefully we'll find out on Sunday.
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It’s that time of year—sun outage season

So what the heck is a sun outage? Well, for about two weeks each spring and fall, cable companies experience a technical phenomenon in which the sun causes "solar interference" to all geostationary satellite signals. Unfortunately, there is technically nothing we can do to prevent sun outages from occurring, but we'll tell you when they might happen.
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AMC logo

TDS taking a stand against AMC in contract negotiations

We could be forced to drop a collection of channels by AMC Networks on January 1, 2016 after AMC proposed unreasonable terms and rate increases in the contract set to take effect in 2016. We don’t want to put the cost burden on our customers. And yes, we know you love The Walking Dead. Find out what's happening and why we're taking a stand.
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Middleton, Wis.

TDS TV, Madison Mallards team up for little league ‘Game of the Week’

TDS TV and the Madison Mallard delivered the joy of the Duck Pond ballpark to some south central Wisconsin little league diamonds this summer.
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Don’t forget to pick up your phone on Sunday

You have one. Maybe you are one. Maybe you want to be one. Maybe you're married to one. Whichever mother is most special in your life, be sure to pick up the phone and remind her of that on Mother's Day this Sunday.
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Four TDS runners take on Boston

On Monday, four TDS employees will be running their hearts out in the Boston Marathon. Meet all four and find out how many marathons they each have their belts (hint: a lot!).
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‘Sun Outages’ possible until March 9

Each spring and fall, video providers experience a technical phenomenon called "sun outages."
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